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Safes, the security industry’s answer to safeguarding assets of high value, are accessories that you’ll find in almost every place. From mini safes in homes to high-security vaults in banks, they come in varied specifications and differ in the level of security they offer. Designed to be impenetrable to any manipulation, installing these high-end components can guarantee a sense of security that is quite unmatched by anything else. However, what if you’re in a situation where you’re unable to access your prized possessions locked securely in it? You might have lost the key, or forgotten the combination or the safe’s lock was simply too old that it gave out.

To unlock a safe with no key or combination might seem like an impossible feat, but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

I’m locked out of my safe. Do I need to break it open?

If only it were so easy. Safes are quite heavy investments, and gaining access through destructive entry would only mean that you’ll have to discard the existing one and buy a new one. To unlock a safe in this manner, any handyman or a local hardware technician can use a saw or cut through it.  Even if you’re willing to spend the money, it isn’t exactly the right choice, because there are better, cheaper, damage-free solutions available.

Our agenda: unlock, not destroy

Redmond Locksmith Store has always believed in adopting an off-beat approach when it comes to locksmithing. While one locksmith would suggest getting your locks replaced without worrying about how much it would cost you, we’ll try to take the proactive approach and suggest effective as well as cost-efficient solutions. When it comes to resolving a safe lockout, you won’t find us armed with tools needed to destroy the lock or the safe. Instead, to unlock a safe we’ll use our skill and perception to come up with a completely non-destructive solution.

What we unlock?

  • 	Redmond Locksmith Store Redmond, WA 425-492-9162Fire resistant safes
  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Jewelry, key safe
  • Bank vaults
  • Data vault
  • Depository boxes

How do we do it?

Our specialists have studied various types of safes for years, and know everything there is to know about them. We know how to reset combinations, make keys, or find a breach in the safest manner possible. In case, we’re unable to crack it open using non-destructive means, our technicians will be through with minimal damage, such that you can reuse the same safe after minor repairs thereafter.

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